Friday, 5 April 2013

Leonie's present and a bit of DIY

Good afternoon blogging friends,

Just a quick post today. I've no card to show you but realised that I hadn't blogged the bracelet which I made Leonie for her 18th. It was weird dropping her off at the pub with her friends last Saturday!

I first saw this bracelet on Marcea's blog. It just looked so pretty. This is my first attempt at making a beaded bracelet like this. Marcea has so many pretty bracelets on her blog and I'd love to have a go at a few more but I've been given that look by Hubby that you just know means 'Please don't start anything else' Lol

The DIY is going very slowly, but I thought I'd show you a few pics. The house was a small B&B before we bought it. All the bedrooms have a little 'en-suite', I use the term loosly, which have a tin shower and loo in. The sinks are all in the main part of the room. 
Well we've decided to take it all out and redecorate so that I can have more accessible space and a 'tidy' craft room.

You can see the wall to the 'en-suite' in the right of the pic.

My current desk area.

The book shelves where all my stamps are stored and the paper storage, an old mailing pigeon hole cupboard from a previous place I worked.

The en-suite and sink. 

Here the paper's been stripped off the walls and ceiling and we've started demolishing the studded wall.

It's going to take a lot longer than the school holidays to do this, but it's going to be worth it in the end.

That's all from me today.

I'm off to Sheffield tomorrow for a Hels Sheridan workshop with some of the Anything Goes Challenge DT at The Craft Den. Really looking forward to meeting everyone and a bit of crafting too. Then Sunday is back to the DIY.

I've had a revamp of my blog too. Really liking the new feel. Just a few more tweaks when I get time. It's from Plumrose Lane. There are lots of free backgrounds and for a small fee you can get a custom banner too. Sharon was so helpful in liasing with me over the banner. She has lots of easy to follow tutorials on how to make the changes. So even if you're not a techie it's easy to do.

Sorry I've rambled a lot. For a quick post it's sure turned out to be a long one!

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for dropping by. I really do appreciate it.

Big Hugs,
Janine xx

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